Welcome to my
world of Art.


Somsak Chaituch

The artist

Somsak is a Thai artist who takes his inspiration from the colorful nature and culture he grew up with. After completing his master’s degree in fine arts in the Netherlands, he began to develop his own style of composition and brushwork that featured the Dutch and Thai influence on his work. Somsak wanted a website that would showcase his art and reach and engage a wider audience.

“Life is short, but my art will live

The project

We met with Somsak a number of times to get a full sense of exactly what he needed and how we could best convey his identity as an artist. We needed to create a website that was easy to use and that showcased that identity, as well as being aesthetically engaging on its own terms.  

The result

And the result? A webshop that functioned as a gallery of Somsak’s art and that featured smart plugins so that Somsak could edit the webshop through simple (code-free) drop-and-drag functions. We used color and animation to make the website an extension of the gallery itself, so that clients could view the art and make appointments to view the gallery in person.

Lets make great work