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Somsak Chaituch

Cliënt story

Born in a small bamboo shed in Northern Thailand, Somsak was raised amidst an overwhelmingly colourful nature and culture. After his Master of Fine Arts graduation in the Netherlands, he started to develop a unique style of painting in composition and brushwork. Mixing theme’s like abstract Buddhism and realistic nature, Somsak is a prodigy in the world of art, where he tries to reflect his own life between east and west. With art lovers growing more interested in his work. Somsak and his partner are looking for ways to expand their reach online.

“Life is short, but my art will live

Project story

A big part of the world of art happens off-line, in real places such as exhibitions and art-shows, and the industry tends not to focus much on ways of communication. Always striving forward, Somsak was looking to expand his reach to the digital environment. He envisioned a website that would serve as an on-line exhibition; something with the same composition, the same feel and atmosphere as a physical exhibition, but then digital. With our team with designed completely from scratch a webstore that not only featured a whole new category of reproduction products, but also showcased the original paintings in a way that felt in line with the world of art and Somsak’s identity.

Plan of attack

We knew that we had to put our best designer on this. Using our cutting edge systems for identifying the needs of the client and translating them to visuals, we dove deep with Somsak and Ton into the world of art. From this proces followed that the webstore had to be built in two different ways; one part of it needed to be a store, and one part of it needed to be a display of paintings, while both still individually maintained and easily editable for the end-client. By implementing a client-friendly drag & drop builder, using some smart coding with custom fields and building a configurator system to let customers easily choose between the different reproductions, we made a store with fantastic UX for both the user and potential customers. A true work of art.

Lets make great work