Stadthaus Essen is a German interior-design business that promotes “holistic living without spatial limits,” and that aims to create unique living experiences for its customers. Our relationship with them began in 2016 after one of our penguins filmed an interior design project of theirs in Mallorca. Then, when we visited the studio, the owners asked whether we could also do the photography for it. That, in turn, led to further assignments, such as a Christmas campaign—and thus began a great long-term working relationship.


Timeless Spaces

Colorful penguins and Stadhaus Essen shared mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work, and so they trusted us and gave us the freedom to capture their vision and philosophy of timeless spaces in our own way. We faced a couple of technical challenges along the way – the store features open spaces and big windows which although beautiful can be difficult lighting to navigate and capture. To overcome this, we took more focused shots that zoomed in on specific details and complemented those with wider shots using the entire depth of field that placed less emphasis on the focus point because it wasn’t in the foreground.


the final product

They wanted to sell an atmosphere, so we needed to capture the smallest details to portray the entire picture. Our final product was a video, photographs and the start of a business relationship that we can’t wait to develop further!
Lets make great work