Graphic design



De Groene Eland

Each year, the Zeeheldenkwartier hosts the Zeeldenfestival, a five-day event that celebrates local art, music, dance, and good food. Our partnership with the Zeeleldenfestival began in 2014 when we were chosen to develop new program designs, stage sets, and t-shirts for the festival.

We created easy-to-read, user-friendly programs, in a compact A4 design. We used this same design for social-media posts, the stage design, and the t-shirts, and thus helped the festival create a strong visual identity for itself.

The event organizers were so happy with the final products that they decided to keep working with us in subsequent years rather than putting out a tender again as they had originally planned to do. So, although the festival couldn’t be held in 2020 because of COVID-19, we’re looking forward to picking up where we left off in the years to come.

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