Google Nederland

Cliënt story

Google best known for search engine
Do much more
Google Digital Atelier is a learning hub for online marketing
Online learning and in person coaching, workshops, and presentations/keynotes
Doel: “We willen graag dat iedereen, ook u, over de digitale vaardigheden beschikt die nodig zijn om te kunnen profiteren van de technologische revolutie.”

Project story

Google wants to show the stories of people that participated in the program
How it helped them grow their business
How it helped them grow during the pandemic
To show others through a personal story approach what might be in it for them

Plan of attack

Structured the film like this: Background, problem, solution, tips for others Get the intimate and personal POV of the subject, showing the events leading up to their problem.

Film them in their own environment to make them feel at ease and show their true story Mix of build up shots accompanying the storyline, interview shots, and the subject doing their work

Dynamic and moving images
Client found it important to not make this an advertisement for google. We achieved this by subtly hinting at google and its products throughout the subjects story & process, rather than focusing on google as a subject

Lets make great work